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    ERASynBio 2nd joint call for transnational research projects: Building Synthetic Biology capacity through innovative transnational projects

    The Synthetic Biology ERA-NET (ERASynBio) is pleased to announce its 2nd joint call for transnational research projects in Synthetic Biology. The call will represent an unique opportunity for Europe and the USA to build Synthetic Biology capacity through innovative transnational projects.

    The call will open at the end of April 2014. The date will be announced in a separate release. Submissions of proposals will be in a single step procedure at: The deadline for submitting proposals is July 3rd, 2014, 17:00 CET.

    Together, the 12 funding organizations involved in this call expect to support around 16 Mill. € for Synthetic Biology research, which can be described as a multidisciplinary approach at the intersection of life sciences, engineering and information technology. Based on the results of the 1st joint call the 2nd joint call will again address broad research areas within Synthetic Biology, based on the following definition: “Synthetic Biology is the engineering of biology: the deliberate (re)design and construction of novel biological and biologically based parts, devices and systems to perform new functions for useful purposes, that draws on principles elucidated from biology and engineering.”
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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: ERASynBio 3rd call for twinning: Building new collaborations between researchers in Synthetic Biology

    The third call of the ERASynBio Twinning Program (SynBio TWIN) will open on 1st December, 2013 to encourage new collaboration between researchers in synthetic biology. The goal is to establish cross-border partnerships, with a focus on interdisciplinarity, and to strengthen European efforts to achieve sustainable development of the Synthetic Biology community. Note that US colleagues are eligible under conditions set forth in the attached announcement. Your short proposals will be processed continuously as they come until 31 March 2014. Projects cannot last longer than six months and should be finished by mid-October 2014 because ERASynBio is ending at the end of 2014.
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  • ESF-EMBO Research Conference on Synthetic Biology of Antibiotic Production II

    The ESF-EMBO Research Conference on Synthetic Biology of Antibiotic Production II, 
    30 August to 04 September 2014, Sant Feliú de Guixols, Spain ( This meeting will be following the success of the 1st meeting held in 2011 and will cover selected hot topics in synthetic biology tools and concepts, with applications to the biochemistry and biotechnology of antibiotics and other natural products. Selected talks on antibiotic resistance and antibiotics in the environment, as well as industrial and clinical aspects of antibiotic production will provide further context for the debate.
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  • Global Engage: Synthetic Biology Congress

    Global Engage is pleased to announce as part of their successful Genomic series of events the Synthetic Biology Congress, which will be held on October 20-21 in London, UK and will be co-located with our 2nd Annual qPCR and Digital PCR Congress.
    This event will attract over 150 industry & academic experts working in areas such as synthetic biology, bioengineering, biochemical / metabolic / chemical / genetic engineering, systems biology, microbiology, computational / molecular biology, chemistry, mathematics, computing, biochemistry, drug discovery and plant science. This will examine the latest strategies, developments and case studies using synthetic biology to further research in healthcare and the agriculture sectors.  The congress will also have a dedicated section focusing on finance, aimed at those looking for investment opportunities and those seeking funding to exploit their research.
    The meeting is split into two tracks; one covering healthcare and drug discovery and the other looking at Plant Synthetic Biology with a section on bioethics and investment opportunities. Click here for the agenda.
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  • First International Workshop on Plant Synthetic Biology

    The First International Workshop on Plant Synthetic Biology aims to advance the harnessing of plant proficiencies for use in agriculture, as an energy source, and in any way that benefits the planet. Members of the synthetic biology community will join together with plant researchers in academia and industry, as well as representatives of funding agencies, to share current capabilities and identify pressing needs. The goal is to generate new research ventures, including the development of synthetic biology tools, methodologies, and safeguards specific to plants.
    Topics of this workshop will include:
        Chloroplast Engineering
        Model Systems / Parts Characterization / Data Mining
        Genome Editing and Artificial Chromosomes
        Microbe-Plant Interactions
        Multi-gene Pathways and Organelles
        Plant Metabolic Pathways
        Sensing and Circuitry
        Industrial Applications
    Date and Venue: May 17-18, 2014 at MIT Stata Center, Cambridge, MA USA
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  • 2015 Gordon Research Conference on Synthetic Biology

    This GRC will establish a regular, in-depth discussion forum among practitioners of the various fields underlying Synthetic Biology which is pivotal to pin-point the challenges, realistically assess the potential and pitfalls and to lay the basis for future developments and consolidation of the field towards fulfilling the envisaged - and ambitious - goals. The purpose of this conference is thus to set a basis for such a forum. The model of Gordon Research Conferences, providing forums for the presentation and discussion of frontier, multidisciplinary research, is ideal. Because of the lack of a common language among the scientists from so many different fields, longer meetings with large blocks of time dedicated to discussions, rather than series of presentations held at 'traditional' conferences, are favored for establishing such a forum.
    Date and Venue: 28 June to 3 July 2015, Sunday River Resort, Newry, ME, United States
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