Along with the 2 joint calls, several supporting measures shall fuel the development of high quality Synthetic Biology research by enhancing interdisciplinarity and overcoming fragmentation in Synthetic Biology.

Policy activities:

The ERA-Net will assist the member states to develop their national communities and programmes in Synthetic Biology by:

  • building national research capacity and expertise by providing recommendations through the white paper and sharing best practise
  • avoiding duplication and fragmentation by sharing of information on the national activities of the partners

The white paper will provide an identification and prioritisation of research needs. It will also outline promising application fields and routes for innovation, upstream governance foresight forms, and linkages to EU infrastructure initiatives.
Due to the societal and ethical relevance of Synthetic Biology, ERASynBio will work on aspects of public engagement, standardisations, practises of good governance, integration of social scientists, ethical and IPR relevant issues. All these questions will be addressed by several measures including workshops and consultations. Their results will be made available to the public via the white paper, through this website and on the newsletter.

Science relevant activities:

Along with the joint calls, ERASynBio will foster the education of early-career researchers via a joint mobility programme, exchange career options, supporting iGEM and two thematically orientated summer schools. Furthermore, linkages between research organisations shall be enhanced through strategic meetings and the twinning programme.

Industrial activities:

Synthetic Biology will boost applications in various and diverse industrial areas and the ERA-Net will therefore develop interactions with this sector from the very start of the project. ERASynBio will use several mechanisms to approach industrial representatives (with a special focus to SMEs) and connect them to other stakeholders, including: the industrial representatives of the advisory board; through dedicated meetings on industrial issues and developments; and via the communication channels on the web portal. The efforts of ERASynBio towards standardization and clarification of intellectual property issues will also enhance development of the industry in this sector.