Synthetic Biology is the engineering of biology:
the deliberate (re)design and construction of novel
biological and biologically based parts, devices and systems to perform new functions for useful purposes,
that draws on principles elucidated from biology and engineering.

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ERASynBio aims at promoting the development of synthetic biology by structuring and coordinating national efforts and investment, with the final goal of creating a sound European research community in the field avoiding national fragmentation from the very start.

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ERASynBio Initiative

ERASynBio is an initiative of international funding agencies working together to promote the robust development of Synthetic Biology and to structure and coordinate national efforts and funding programs. The network was created in 2012 and funded as an ERA-Net by the European Commission under FP7 until 2014. From 2015 onwards, ERASynBio will operate as a self-sustainable initiative (i.e. without the financial support of the EC), with most ERA-Net partners continuing their collaboration in the next years.

Along with the 2 joint calls, several supporting measures were initiated by ERASynBio in order to support the development of high quality Synthetic Biology research. One major effort was the development of a Strategic Vision accompanied by a series of targeted recommendations designed to empower national and international funding organizations, policy bodies and other stakeholders.

It is the aim of the ERASynBio initiative to further support joint activities that focus on transnational coordination, capacity building, sharing resources and facilities, and - last but not least - joint calls for proposals in the field of synthetic biology.


Dr. Marion Karrasch-Bott
Phone: +49 2461 61 6245

Current news

3rd Joint Call - now open until 1 February 2016


ERA-IB-2 launches, in cooperation with ERASynBio and ERA-MBT, a seventh international joint call for multilateral research projects using Industrial Biotechnology (IB). The main purpose of this call is to generate joint European research and development activities and to stimulate and unify researchers and academics who specialise in the area of Industrial Biotechnology to work closely together and share funding and research projects. Through the collaboration between these three ERA-nets more funding will be available and the geographical coverage is expanded.



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CELLULAR and MOLECULAR BIOTECHNOLOGY - Entretiens interdisciplinaires de Bures

Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHÉS) - Marilyn and James Simons Conference Center - 35 route de Chartres - 91440 Bures-sur-Yvette - France

Synthetic Biology is heralded as a novel approach to the engineering of biosystems that will set the scene for a flourishing knowledge-based bio-economy. Benefits for the fundamental understanding of biological phenomena are also claimed, as rational construction of a system based on hypothesized design principles can be used to test assumptions. The keywords of synthetic biology are rational design, decoupling of conception and fabrication, standardization and component re-use, modularity and hierarchy, orthogonality and context-insensitivity. However, each keyword raises questions of desirability and feasibility. These questions remain ongoing areas of inquiry for the field and require multi-faceted approaches. Beyond the current hype surrounding it, what is the value of synthetic biology for the progress in understanding of biological systems and for the establishment of new biotechnological production platforms?