In an emergent field such as Synthetic Biology, there is a particular need for cooperation among practitioners in order to share good practices and to develop common ideas. On a strictly scientific side, small workshops on topics decided bottom-up by a few teams have proven invaluable and a great complement to top-down decided actions.

ERASynBio implements a web-based biannual call for project twinning grants (SynBioTWIN). These twinning grants are explicitly aimed at building team-level scientific collaborations involving the principal investigators of EU - or national projects in Synthetic Biology. The involvement of social scientists as one of the partners in the twinning projects would be welcome. Twinning activities can be carried out within the EU or with third-country partners, but in the latter case only EU partners are financed.

US investigators interested in participating in a US/EU SynBio twinning activity should contact Dr. Susanne von Bodman. US scientists may apply for Supplemental Support to an existing NSF award through FastLane and request travel expenses related to twinning activities.  A copy of the joint ERA-SynBio twinning application should be included in the supplement application.  

Short applications providing a joint work plan of collaboration activities will be swiftly examined and approved by the scientific experts of the advisory board to ensure opportunities can be quickly acted upon.

The 3rd call of the ERASyBio Twinning Programme (SynBio TWIN) will open on the 1st of December, 2013 to encourage new collaboration between researchers in synthetic biology. The goal is to establish cross-border partnerships, with a focus on interdisciplinarity and to strengthen European efforts to achieve sustainable development of the Synthetic Biology community. For more information please download the call text and application form or contact François Kepes.