1st Joint Call

ERASynBio 1st joint call 2013: 8 proposals selected for funding

The 1st joint call for proposals of ERASynBio was launched in May 2013 under the ERA-NET Scheme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission. The call for proposals resulted in 55 proposals. 8 proposals were selected for funding, receiving public funding more than 13 M EUR.

In total, the proposals included 307 different partner organizations: research organizations (279), SMEs (12), large companies (3). The projects covered all scientific (sub) fields of the call. Most projects are focusing on research issues related to Metabolic engineering (33), followed by Orthogonal biosystems (14), Bionanoscience (12), Regulatory circuits (10), Minimal genomes (7) and Protocells (4). Most proposals indicated that their research is connected to more than one of the listed (sub) fields.

Through the first joint transnational call of ERASynBio, eight projects involving 35 partners from 9 countries are funded. The coordinators of the projects come from five countries (Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, UK, US). Further analysis revealed that the majority of funded projects asked for a budget between 1 M and 2 M € having an average number of 4 participants in the project. All projects started in 2014 and will last for 36 months.

Project: BioOrigami     
Title: Bio Molecular Origami: establishing foundations in structural synthetic biology to engineer biomolecules for new routes to nanoscale objects and biomaterials  

Project: IESY     
Title: Induced Evolution of Synthetic Yeast genomes   

Project: INTENSIFY     
Total Granted budget: 1.2 M €

Project: MirrorBio     
Title: Establishment of a fully synthetic, mirror-image biological system  
Total Granted budget: 1.6 M €

Project: RETROBIO     
Title: A twofold retrosynthetic implementation of a novel biochemical pathway 
Total Granted budget: 1.1 M €

Project: Sun2Chem    
Title: Engineering the chloroplast of microalgae as a chassis for the direct production of solar fuels and chemicals   
Total Granted budget: 1.2 M €

Project: SynGlycTis     
Title: Synthetic Glycobiology - new strategies to build and functionalise proto-cells and proto-tissues
Total Granted budget: 1.9 M €

Project: SynPath     
Title: Synthetic biochemical pathways for efficient production of novel biofuels
Total Granted budget: 1.4 M €

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